Welcome to e-Crime Scotland

e-Crime Scotland has been developed through the Scottish Business Resilience Centre with key partners in Scottish Law Enforcement, Scottish Government and the wider business community who are all committed to equipping Scottish businesses with the knowledge and tools to be aware, vigilant, informed and ultimately safe from the destructive effects of e-crime in all its forms.
In today's ever evolving digital landscape e-crime can be notoriously difficult to detect partly because unseen attackers can strike at victims from hundreds or even thousands of miles away.
By bringing together a multi agency response with both public and private sector organisations, e-Crime Scotland shares and distributes the knowledge and intelligence vital for Scottish businesses to conduct business on line both safely and securely.
We hope this website will aid your understanding and appreciation of the wide range of online threats, how these threats could impact upon your business and the ways in which you can significantly reduce your business's exposure to risk online.

The Dangers of using Public WiFi

SBRC Ethical Hackers set-up an unsecured WiFi access point in a city-centre coffee shop to highlight the dangers of using public WiFi. Watch what happened below.

Cyber Security Myth Series: Myth 1- SMEs are not targets for cybercrime 

This is the first video in a series, from SBRC's Ethical Hackers,   exploring cyber security myths. This video debunks the myth that SMEs are not targets for cybercrime and explores reasons why SMEs are attractive targets for cybercrime. Steps businesses can take to secure their data are also discussed.


Cyber Security Myth Series: Myth 2 'Anti-virus is all I need'

Cyber Security Myth Series: Myth 3- 'We have backups, we're safe' ‚Äč


Cyber Security Myth Series: Myth 4 'E-mail on my phone is inherently secure'

Spotlight on Risk Factory